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RPi and clones

Power-supply Hat for RaspberryPi (and pin-compatible competitors).
Includes many other cool features !

Development Modules

The GPIO-Demo module is intended to help prototyping, learning and development of communication modules for the DomoTab project.
Another development board for the LPC1224, closer to a full Break-Out than the GPIO-Demo module which is specific to the DomoTab project.
An "mbed ready" equivalent of the LPC1224 Break-Out board.
USB to UART Adaptator, with possible UEXT connector support.

Communication Modules

The Sub-1GHz RF module, Standalone, USB, or UEXT version.

Projet "DomoTab"

DTPlug Gateway : Ethernet ---> 4x UEXT communication modules
PSMC module, monitor power usage and control power output of an outlet (Requires a communication module).