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Welcome on Techno-Innov community wiki !

We created this wiki to ease the access and sharing of information for our products and all the DomoTab project

You'll find all the technical informations from the documentations, and additionnal examples, use-cases, user pages with their own projects information, some technical pages not directly related to our products, and all the articles I wrote which constitute the "Making Of" of the GPIO Demo module, giving you step by step indications if you want to create your own board at home.

To make things simpler (from my point of view), only registered users will be allowed to create and modify pages (I do not have time to track sabotages from people selling blue pills ....). If you think you may contribute, even for simple misspelling corrections (there'll be a lot, I'm no native english speaker), get in touch with me by email, and do not forget to include your name and possibly the email you want to use for your account, and you'll get a temporary password by mail. the rest will be up to you.

If this is not how you want to participate, or if you do not like what's in these pages, hit the road, no one locks you here.

Once you have authoring rights, please follow these rules :

  • Respect readers (and people in general). You're responsible for what you write.
  • Respect the wiki organisation
  • Get back to this list from time to time to stay up to date about these rules.